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Sexual Harassment Advisers

Stanford’s Sexual Harassment Advisers play an essential role in the university’s response to sexual harassment concerns. They are available to anyone in the Stanford community who seeks guidance about sexually harassing behavior or information about the University’s policy and procedures.

The advisers are authorized to receive complaints and will treat information discreetly and privately. For completely confidential resources, see the Resource Guide.

You may consult with an adviser outside your school or administrative unit. If the person you are trying to reach is unavailable, please contact the Sexual Harassment Policy Office, or select another adviser from the list.

Organization Name Position Phone Email
Athletics Patrick Dunkley Deputy Athletic Director 725.7655
Athletics Beth Goode University Manager 725.2571
Athletics Shawna McManus Human Resources Manager 725.5144
Business Affairs Charu Bhatia Associate Director, Human Resources 724.6815
Business Affairs Suzanne Ferris Assistant VP, Human Resources 725.4319
Business Affairs Jennifer Freitas Human Resources Manager 798.9953
Business Affairs Vivian Lee Associate Director, Human Resources 724.7999
Dean of Research Jaime Alburger Program and Human Resources Manager 723.8789
Dean of Research Marcia Elmer Human Resources Director 736.8265
Dean of Research Saira Escoto Human Resources Manager 721.4103
Graduate Life Office Laurette Beeson Assistant Dean & Associate Director 736.7088
Graduate Life Office Angela Esquivel Hawkins Assistant Dean 721.2265
Graduate Life Office Sonya Forrester Assistant Dean 724.1801
Graduate Life Office Christine Gibo-Crapps Assistant Dean 724.1718
Graduate Life Office Kenneth Y. Hsu Assistant Vice Provost and Director 723.8357
Graduate Life Office Chidel Onuegbu Assistant Dean 723.9938
Graduate School of Business  Courtney Gwyn Payne Director, Student Life Office 723.1955
Graduate School of Business  Vatsala Sarathy Manager, Executive Education Program 721.1113
Graduate School of Business  Prof. Zakary Tormala Professor of Marketing 723.1892
Hoover Institution  Charnette Richard Assistant Director for Human Resources and Administrative Services 723.2052
Hoover Institution  Eric Thomas Wakin Director of Library and Archives 725.7750
Human Resources Angelina Ruggiero Human Resources Manager 721.1366
Human Resources Employee & Labor Relations Services  Alex Gurza Associate Vice President, Employee & Labor Relations 721.4547
Human Resources Employee & Labor Relations Services  Eileen ORourke Employee and Labor Relations Director 721.2987
Human Resources Employee & Labor Relations Services  Phung Truong Employee and Labor Relations Specialist 723.4083
Human Resources Employee & Labor Relations Services  Linda Usoz Employee and Labor Relations Director 498.4813
Human Resources Employee & Labor Relations Services  Mark Zunich Employee and Labor Relations Director 498.8596
LBRE  Edgard Obando Human Resources Manager 498.8285
LBRE  Al Roa Human Resources Manager 723.4376
LBRE  Caroline Song Director, Human Resources 725.7094
LBRE  Lily Sprinkles Human Resources Manager 498.9735
Libraries and Stanford Press  Gary Harris Associate Director, Human Resources 736.0729
Libraries and Stanford Press  Catalina Rodriguez Jara Director of Human Resources 723.8257
Office of Development; Alumni Association  Leona Bassi Associate Director, Human Resources 725.4342
Office of Development; Alumni Association  Allison Hecimovich Director of Human Resources 725.6700
Office of Development; Alumni Association  Wendy Steele Associate Director, Human Resources 725.1658
Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Sofie Kleppner Associate Dean 725.5075
Office of President & Provost  Chris Yam Human Resources Manager 725.7518
Office of Public Affairs Kristin Pohl Maier HR Manager 725.6556
Office of Public Affairs Maria Eugenia Smith Director of Finance and Administration 683.5716
Overseas Studies  Shawna Knauff Associate Vice Provost, Executive Director 721.6511
Public Safety Jamie Scalero Administrative Services Manager 723.4928
Residential and Dining Enterprises Emma Gordon Senior Director of Organizational Learning and Development 725.4511
Residential and Dining Enterprises Andrea Moore Senior Human Resources Business Partner 814.4084
Residential and Dining Enterprises Ann Marie Musto Executive Director of Human Resources 725.7415
Residential and Dining Enterprises Rania Perry Assistant Director, Employee Relations 723.5959
Residential and Dining Enterprises Sarah Ray Senior Human Resources Business Partner 723.9440
Residential and Dining Enterprises Hilda Gabriela Ruiz Senior Human Resources Business Partner 724.7650
Residential and Dining Enterprises Jenifer Wantuck Assistant Director of Human Resources 444.0926
Residential and Dining Conference Services  Phil Gin Executive Director, Stanford Conferences 723.3127
School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Amy Balsom Senior Associate Dean of Finance & Administration 723.9365
School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Prof. Jef Caers Professor of Geological Sciences 723.1774
School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Sue Crutcher Associate Dean for Human Resources & Faculty Affairs 724.1535
School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Prof. Scott Fendorf Professor of Earth System Science and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 723.5238
School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Lauren M. Nelson Director of Administration & Finance, Geological Sciences 723.3715
School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Ann Marie Pettigrew Assistant Director, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources 723.6117
Graduate School of Education  Priscilla Fiden Associate Dean for Administration 533.7590
Graduate School of Education  Prof. Teresa LaFromboise Professor of Education 723.1202
School of Engineering  Scott Calvert Sr. Associate Dean for Administration 736.7755
School of Engineering  Kirsti Copeland Associate Dean of Student Affairs 721.6216
School of Engineering  Martha Escalera Office of Student Affairs Administration Manager 721.6862
School of Engineering  Prof. Sarah Heilshorn Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering 725.5090
School of Engineering  Rita Hernandez Human Resources Manager 736.9881
School of Engineering  Prof. Thomas Kenny Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs 725.9210
School of Engineering  Marian Naaf Human Resources Director 723.8145
School of Humanities & Sciences Hope Broadus Human Resources Director 723.5453
School of Humanities & Sciences Cindy Cho Human Resources Manager 725.8836
School of Humanities & Sciences Brad Salters Senior Human Resources Manager 723.0026
School of Humanities & Sciences Renee Sombilon Human Resources Manager 723.9259
School of Humanities & Sciences Amber Washington Human Resources Manager 725.1833
School of Humanities & Sciences Susie Weersing Associate Dean, Graduate and Undergraduate Studies 723.1205
School of Law  Angela Antia Associate Director, Human Resources 725.7020
School of Law  Prof. Juliet Brodie Professor (Teaching) 724.6346
School of Medicine Human Resource Group  Cori Bossenberry Associate Dean of Human Resources 725.5141
School of Medicine Human Resource Group  Dawn Freeman Employee & Labor Relations Business Partner 725.8608
School of Medicine Human Resource Group  Donna Fullington Senior Employee & Labor Relations Specialist 498.6774
School of Medicine Human Resource Group  Dawn Harker Whiting Employee Labor and Relations Specialist 725.4204
School of Medicine Human Resource Group  Susan Hoerger Deputy Director Human Resources, Director of Human Resources Compliance 723.1743
School of Medicine Human Resource Group  Rosemary Monroe Senior Employee Relations Representative 726.1424
School of Medicine Human Resource Group  Rovina Suri Employee Relations Specialist & Human Resources Manager 723.5277
School of Medicine  Prof. Linda Boxer Professor of Hematology and Vice Dean, School of Medicine 724.6966
School of Medicine  Prof. James Brooks Professor of Urology 723.4200
School of Medicine  Usha Chhiba Clinical Division Manager, Obstetrics & Gynecology
School of Medicine  Magali Fassiotto Assistant Dean for Faculty Development and Diversity 723.6078
School of Medicine  Prof. Cheryl Gore-Felton Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 725.5593
School of Medicine  Prof. Janice Lowe Clinical Professor of Pediatrics 725.8314
School of Medicine  Judith Ned Assistant Dean of MD Admissions 723.4462
School of Medicine  Mijiza Sanchez Associate Dean, Office of Medical Student Affairs 497.9594
School of Medicine  Inderjit Singh Director of Finance & Administration, Biochemistry 723.6163
School of Medicine  Bryant Wong Director of Finance & Administration, Ophthalmology 736.9262
SLAC  Michelle Leahy Human Resources Manager 926.2358
SLAC  Prof. Risa Wechsler Associate Professor of Particle Physics and Astrophysics 926.3621
SLAC  Angelica Woodward Employee and Labor Relations Specialist 926.3471
Stanford Arts Rachel Bernardo Human Resources Manager 497.0551
Stanford Management Company Maria Mills Human Resources Manager 721.1142
The Women's Center Faith Kazmi Director of the Women’s Center and Student Affairs Officer 724.2304
Vice Provost for Graduate Education Blanca Virrey Associate Director, Educational Programs & Operations 736.9794
Vice Provost for Student Affairs Rachel Aumann Assistant Dean, Student Life Office 721.2328
Vice Provost for Student Affairs Gretchen Fuentes Senior Human Resources Manager 725.1658
Vice Provost for Student Affairs Chris Griffith Associate Vice Provost 723.9929
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE) Laura David Human Resources Director 736.1775
Residence Deans Dr. Lisa De La Cruz-Caldera Lead Residence Dean 454.9120
Residence Deans John Giammalva Residence Dean 736.1752
Residence Deans Bianca Ortiz Residence Dean 562.201.8870
Residence Deans Leigh Thiedeman Residence Dean 724.3159
Residence Deans Michelle Voigt Residence Dean 725.3311