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Especially for Students

The Stanford community is a great place to make lifelong friends and a wide variety of interpersonal connections. Most connections here on "the farm" are positive ones but there may be times when friends, colleagues and others are not as respectful as you would wish.

The Sexual Harassment Policy Office staff are available to answer questions about sexual harassment (650.724.2120) and our Resource Guide provides an overview of the many resources Stanford has available for students. However, for comprehensive information, students are encouraged to consult:

Cathy Glaze is the Acting Title IX Coordinator. Her role is to ensure that complaints are handled according to established policies and procedures. If you have concerns or questions about Title IX compliance, contact her office:

  • Voice: 650.497.4955
  • Email

Stanford's Title IX Office website provides detailed information about Title IX protections for students, including links to Title IX FAQs and the University's Title IX Administrative Policy and Procedures.

Confidential sexual assault counseling is available 24/7 at 650-725-9955. The YWCA Rape Crisis hotline is also available: 650-493-7273 or 408-287-3000.

The Office of Sexual Assault & Relationship Abuse (SARA), provides comprehensive resources to Stanford students regarding reported incidents of sexual assault and relationship abuse.  SARA also assists with educational outreach and training.

Vaden Health Center offers information and services for students who experience sexual assault or relationship violence on or off campus.