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Four Stanford policies address different aspects of inappropriate gender-based or sexual behavior: Sexual Harassment, Prohibited Sexual Conduct, Consensual Sexual Relationships, and Title IX Administrative Policy and Procedures.

If you think someone has crossed a line, you have several options for getting help:

Awareness and Prevention

About Students

Stanford's policies and Title IX provide students with broad protections from unlawful sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. Read more

Our Training Programs

Education and awareness are the best ways to prevent sexual harassment. Several courses are available, some of which are required. The course you should take is determined by your role at Stanford: faculty, staff, visiting academics, and other members of the university community.

See a table view of the courses


Download our flyer

You can print and distribute our two-page flyer. It contains useful information and resources for dealing with sexual harassment.

Contact Us

Concerns about Sexual Harassment:
650.724.2120 or 650.723.1583

Questions about Training:

Sexual Harassment Policy Office
Mariposa House
585 Capistrano Way
Stanford, CA 94305-8210

Office Hours
Monday through Friday
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM