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Effects of Sexual Harassment

The effects of experiencing sexual harassment can be profound, and can range from uncomfortable to devastating. They may last a short or long time, and can even generate a "ripple effect" of negative symptoms in the affected workplace or living environment.

If you’ve been the target of sexual harassment, you may have experienced:

  • Anger, fear, self-consciousness or embarrassment
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Loss of appetite

If you’re a student you may be:

  • having trouble studying or paying attention.          
  • less able to perform well.
  • participating less, avoiding certain places on campus.
  • no longer going to study group, or to your Prof’s or TA’s office hours.
  • thinking about dropping a class, changing your major, or even leaving Stanford.

If you work at Stanford you may be:

  • having trouble paying attention and staying focused on your work.
  • participating less in group meetings, or skipping them.
  • wanting to use sick or PTO days to avoid going to work.
  • staying away from certain places in the workplace or on campus.
  • thinking of quitting your job.

Be sure to ask for help if you are experiencing any of these. Consult our Resource Guide to find out where to seek help.